Infomax Can Help

Five Key Tactical Benefits of Having a Store Audit Program

  • CPG Companies conducting regular store audits generate an additional 5%+ of shelf distribution on average.
  • Increase your “Share of Mind” of your retail sales representatives when they enter the store, working thousands of products…
  • ..which translates to greater “Share of Time” on your brand when that rep is working in the store…
  • Generating “in-store action” on your behalf…
  • …and assuring that your items are touched on every store call!

Many 'Best of Class' CPG Food Companies use a "Third Party" Audit Agency for Their Market Audits

  • A ‘third party agency’ provides unbiased objective reviews of  market conditions;  rather than depending on input from the very broker retail staff whose retail-execution standards they are monitoring.
  • A good ‘third party agency’ will provide a level and uniform measurement standard across market areas, regions, and the country – giving you a “level playing field” nationally when comparing your market areas.
  • Lastly, a good ‘third party’ retail audit company can provide the service often cheaper and more efficiently, than if the manufacturer tried to do it themselves -- freeing their sales leadership team for developing sales-driving activity while in the market.

Why Infomax should be your choice for state-of-the-art store product audits!

  • INFOMAX has been providing leading CPG companies with accurate and actionable retail intelligence, gathered empirically at store level, since 1986!
  • We have honed our expertise through 250,000+ store audits, and we perform no other Food Industry functions -- we are exclusively retail store audit specialists. 
  • We measure all key Food Industry standards including: Product distribution, retail price, facings, out-of-stocks, displays, POS, etc.