Whatever your Retail Intelligence needs are, Infomax can meet your needs in an accurate and affordable program:

  • Speed-to-Shelf on New Items
  • Measurement of compliance on KPI’s
  • Confirming Item Placement on Shelf
  • Broker execution follow-up
  • Section or Item Pictures
  • Confirmation of Schematic Placement By Item
  • POS Placement Confirmation
  • …or anything other retail information that you need gathered at store level, by a Food Industry Professional Store Auditor!

What will an Infomax Store Audit Program Do for You and Your Brand?

  • It will help you increase your points of distribution by as much as 5%, generating millions of dollars of incremental sales over time…
  • It will drastically increase the ‘Share of Mind’ and ‘Share of Time’ you get from your broker’s retail sales team while in the store….
  • …And it will give you more control of your brand at the shelf than any other management tool available in the Industry today to proactively manage the shelf through your existing broker network.

So, why not give us a try?

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